Castle: “The Last Frontier”

The opening sequence is quite cheesy, as desired. Definitely reminiscent of Galaxy Quest.

Did I miss that Castle’s stuff was coming out in comics now? What did Castle mean by mumbling “how far they fall…”? And I’m entertained by Beckett’s “chests” plural, but I assume the trailing “s” was just because Castle had the best look of shocked surprise on his face. And yes, it is hilarious that Castle looked up.

He said “shiny”! Whoo Firefly!

I must assume that Alexis’ Princess Leia outfit was the white one from A New Hope, given that Alexis was little, and also what happens later in the episode….

Doc Ock and Spiderman! The Borg! Cylons! And yes, of course Castle would want it to be Number Six.

Here’s the best part: “I’m sorry — how is Nebula-9 worthy of all this? I mean, they were cancelled over a decade ago. After 12 episodes, which was 12 episodes too many [...] I’m a fan of good scifi: Star Trek, Battlestar, that Joss Whedon show [...]” — let’s see now: Firefly had 9 main characters, was a spaceship show, had 12 episodes (okay, not 14, but sort of close enough, according to the rest of the internet), aired over a decade ago (they had their 10-year anniversary panel a few months ago at Comic-Con), and totally counts as good scifi from “that Joss Whedon guy.” Also, “Max Rennard”? Can you say “Mal Reynolds”?

Oh, Perlmutter. Though I’m confused why he pointed out the lack of blood splatter, since the body could’ve been moved?

Aww, Beckett tries to cover up her fangirlyness about the fansite, but then totally gives it away when she sees Gabriel Winters. Max Rennard ~= Mal Reynolds. Eh? Eh? She is such a total fangirl as she walks up to him, and trying to hide her smile as he’s telling them about how the show was unjustly cancelled, modifies the show’s phrase “may fortune guide your journey,” and so forth. Though, she does seem a little off-put by his “Dismissed” comment at the end, and has a grumpy look.

Oh man, if only someone had been able to get the rights to the show after Fox was done with them. But I think it’s true that if someone had done webisodes of Firefly, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch them.

Aw, Beckett — and her multiple Nebula-9 outfits — got outed. Also, “frakkin’ awesome” — BSG reference?

Perlmutter: I love his “non-detective Castle” greeting in contrast to “detective Beckett.” And Castle’s clearly having some sort of orgasmic reaction to the appropriateness of the style of killing to the situation.

Commercial break! Aaand we’re back.

Why does Castle have a life-sized Boba Fett in his bathroom?? Hehe, Castle’s trying to avoid insulting Beckett, and Beckett’s trying to keep her professionalism and not use the word “blaster.”

Fans!! Where do I begin? There’s an albino Wookie who has a face that more resembles a Tusken Raider and only speaks Mersatonain, a fan who’s “not that fluent” in Mersatonian, a woman with mysteriously adhesive leaves (oh, poor Javi looks like he’s going to pass out when she walks away with fewer leaves on her boob and his pen), and a girl who’s supposed to be speaking lingo from something else, I assume, but she doesn’t pull off the lingo the same way that Fray does; that is, when Fray speaks, it’s understandable with context and you can really believe that the English language has evolved over time, but with this fan, there’s only a few words that are different and the writers seemed like they were having a hard time figuring out what they could change while still making her comprehensible.

Yes, Beckett, I’m sure you have to interview Lt. Chloe and aren’t looking forward to it. Though, I feel bad for her when the actress totally slams the show, and she looks all queasy, and then rolls her eyes at the actress’ new cardboard cutoff figure with that stereotypical Hollywood pose of showing her backside and holding a gun.

Poor Castle! Alexis looks awesome, though (although I think her hair looks more messy than messy-glamorous). So while mention of “Princess Leia costume” in the context of a scifi con tends to evoke images of the slave Leia outfit from Return of the Jedi, this is why I assumed, earlier, that this was not the kind of Leia outfit Alexis wore when she was little.

“As you wish” — Princess Bride reference!

Poor Beckett, with Gabriel Winters calling the fans “lunatics.” And that he had “a burning desire to see his doctor.” Eww.

Yes, Ryan totally seems like the kind of guy who’d do tabletop.

Creavers! “Evil alien race from Nebula-9. Nasty creatures. They’ll eat your face off while you’re still alive, and then, serve your organs to their young.” Sound like reavers, anyone?

Armin Shimerman! Quark (and also Principal Snyder from Buffy)! And he’s wearing a “han shot first” T-shirt, hehe. “So what can I interest you in? A Klingon bat’leff, perhaps? Cylon laser pistol? A double-bladed lightsaber?” Castle is so excited about the double-bladed lightsaber, as am I. And Shimerman’s character says that Beckett has good taste for wanting a Thorian blaster.

Uh-oh, Castle wasn’t wearing protection when he fired the laser… oh noes, what about radiation? Poor Castle is all worried and “tingly.” Mentions of the Hulk, the Thing, the Leader, and Dr. Manhattan.

Anabelle made the show popular again, and so “they” were talking about rebooting the series, maybe even making a movie… well, I’m glad Joss got to make Serenity, and that some of the other stories (like Book’s) got told in comic form.

Aw, Castle is adorable, trying to imitate Patrick Stewart. And of course he would want to know if Beckett’s dreams of being in the Nebula-9 were sexy ones.

Beckett’s explanation of what the show meant to her is lovely and heartwarming.

Audrey is so short; how could she have stashed the body in the Oracle pod?

Given Winters’ calm and sarcastic reaction, he must know something about the blaster. And he does!

“Mark of Claderesh,” “Andorian empath,” “May fortune guide your journey.” But of course his “it’s a lot easier when the stunt guys do it” is hilarious. And Castle seems to have come around to Nebula-9, or at least appreciates rubbing in the cheesiness of of the show to the actress.

Beckett’s bait-and-switch is awesome. That is all.

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