This Week…

What with Strike yesterday, and my responsibilities during it having increased yet again (third show in a row, in fact), I have been too swamped to write anything, and am kind of thinking of dropping iron-blogger altogether (especially given my complete lack of enthusiasm for it over the last month), and just finishing the few incomplete post series at my own pace. What do you guys think? The only downside is that I’d be in danger of never finishing those series, I guess….

Blog Status Update

So I entirely forgot, last week, that another week had rolled to an end on Sunday because I was at Put-In for MITG&SP’s production of Patience. I spent pretty much all of it helping with light hang, specifically, and for the first time, which was really kind of awesome; I learned a lot of stuff on the fly, as I usually do, and it was like, “yay, informations!” I also finally learned how the skysheet goes up, so I understand more of what’s going on when I direct taking it down (which I have somehow managed to be in charge of — and done well, according to Rob when he unpacks it to put it up at the following shows — for the last two shows we’ve done).

Unfortunately, I bring this post to you mostly with one hand, and so it will be on the short side compared to my usual posts. My wrist decided to act up, possibly having to do with environmental factors, but not, as far as I can tell, directly with my efforts at Put-In, because it was a sudden onset near the beginning of focus the following night,  and it’s still recovering. Typing seems to twist my wrist out of place more and results in more cracking, so I’m letting it rest on the corner of my laptop. Maybe it’ll be recovered by the end of next week? Strike is on Saturday and I’d like not to be useless for it, so that would be great…. I experienced something similar during prodweek for Sweeney Todd, too, and was mostly okay by Strike, so I am hopeful.

Anyway, I will leave you with a plug for the show: I don’t have the stamina to type the synopsis for you, but wikipedia has an article on it, and you can reserve tickets on the MITGSP website. Our remaining shows are Thursday (11/7) at 8PM, Friday (11/8) at 8PM, and Saturday (11/9) at 2PM. Hope to see you there!

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